Monday, May 14, 2007

Selmer Treble and Bass

It had the particularity of being able to cover Guitar and Bass ... a british Amplifier, warm tone, stays clean and lean, but can have cutting sharps - Many descriptions say the Selmer meets you halfway between a Vox and a Marshall Amp !


Although it's a great mix of Vintage tone fr tube amps ( and some of them even come cheaper than those sound city amplifiers ) the Selmer is not an AMp with a reputation for great reliability , parts are hard to come by and these amps are known to '' buzz '' up on occasion, I would never put anything more than 300 $ USD on one of them ... be VERY careful if you are interested in a Selmer amp, although they cover both Bass and Guitar, they don't do either particluarily brilliantly


Unknown said...

The very early samples had a rectifier valve which could be troublesome,my very first amp was one of them,(known as the "croc-skin" type,owing to the covering, and it was used very successfully as a bass amp in my first band!) The later type had silicon rectifiers and were more reliable! I currently use a Kelly amp, which are made by a former employee of Selmer and it sounds absolutely fabulous and is extremely reliable! I`ve used older amps all my gigging life, and the key to reliability is regular maintenance and regular use, plus treating them with the respect they deserve!
I have owned voxes in the past,but never got on with them, I would describe the sound as being like a cleaner Marshall? a cross between a Marshall and a Fender might be more apt? Google John Kelly for info on his amps.

Kia.Fashion said...

Nonsense, these Selmer Amps are high quality built.
Fantastic sounding, reliable, one if the best amps ever made!