Monday, May 14, 2007

Mirrors ...

So after a bit of research into getting some sort of '' pictorial '' on the mirror esquire it's been tough trying to figure out what exactly Syd did to the Esquire, from plastic sheeting to reflective discs, the guitar is very difficult to discern through The Pink Floyd's guitar show, but here is a repro from the Paris Exhibition.
The Guitar is an exact replica although I've sent an email out to the owner to get a better idea of what he used to make it, the mirrors are actually silver disks and it's clear the Esquire ( with it's 6 saddle bridge ? and Rosewood neck ) would be from around the early 60's
The Esquire was applied a silver plastic sheeting which was shrunk into place ( by applying heat ), this was a material commonly used to insulate Radios and other electronic equipment. The Silver plates ( mirrors ) were thin metal plates had the particularity of having a bit of an opaque reflectiveness ( believe it or not these plates were a bit of a hippy fascionista item in the 60's, people glued them to anything from doors, pants pockets to hats and car wheels ! Syd would polish them prior to shows to play with the light effects that Mark Leonard projected. Besides that the only modifications he seemed to make to the guitar was the pickup height ( closer to the strings makes the tone thicker )
Something curious is that this picture seems to indicate a 3 saddle bridge ! any clarification would be appreciated !


The Esquire has been brought back to the front by Fender in a couple of reincarnations including some custom shop models and some '' Classic Series '' although a unique sounding instrument, the guitar is limited and like a cheap Telecaster, you'll feel like spending all your time on the bridge pickup anyhow ... for an excellent price, I strongly suggest the classic series BUT make a quick pickup replacement with something more sparkly from Seymour Duncan, it'll give the guitar MUCH needed '' pep ''.

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