Monday, May 14, 2007

The Madcap Telecaster

Undoubtedly a mysterious instrument to figure out ! Black Bound body, brass saddles, a bright tone with a Maple Neck that sports a '' CBS '' logo on it ! not very much about it is know besides the fact Barrett trotted it around from place to place. in certain interviews he doesn't seem to show much adoration for it saying it needed '' replacing '' whatever that meant ...
The guitar is an integral part of the Madcap laugh sessions ( who were recorded with David Gilmour's amplifiers ) and is splattered all over Mick Rock's photo sessions with Syd, one would place it as a Custom Telecaster ranging all the way from 1967 to 1969 ... who knows ...


A Telecaster is always a great guitar, although this Telecaster is guaranteed impossible to find, alot of people will love the twangy loud sound these guitars produce, the closest to Syd's guitar would be a 60's Telecaster from the Fender classic series, this will put you in MCL territory without too much trouble. the total cost of assembling a '' Barrett '' caster is around 700 $ with the right neck and double bound body.

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