Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Danelectro !

In the mid 60's wether at the UFO or just jamming away in some studio putting the finishing touches on Emily plays, Syd is making quite extensive use of a Danelectro Double cutaway twin pickup guitar, that guitar is known as the : DC - ( although ti has a particular series number that starts with a 3 )
While some in the business call it a poor man's Tele, there is alot more about it than most assume, behind those famed lipstick pickups, a body of Masonite ( for the curious ) and poplar wood and a Vinyl/plastic covering.
The Danelectro's pickups were wound in series which contributed tremendously to the warm sound we associate them with. The concept is an alnico bar wrapped in coil and plucked into a ''spare '' lipstick chrome cover ... hey whatever floats your boat ...
Syd used it extensively during his earlier gigs, but It was eventually subplanted by the mirroresque Esquire


Excellent tone, for ridiculously cheap price, neck is a darling to play and the new PRO series is another beautiful addition to the Danelectro line, DON'T short change any of the Danelectro stuff wether pedals or guitars, they are starting to gt some serious street cred !

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