Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking at '' Special Effects '' ?

A Home made Fuzz ? Wah pedals, Octave pedals, Zippo Lighters ?

- Syd used a Zippo lighter as a slide tool, Wah pedal can be heard in MArk Lenard's video on ambient light, the pink floyd are briefly featured.
- Octave Pedal from Roger Mayer ( rumoured ... )
- Home made Fuzz ( who knows where this came from ... )

and Zippo lighters !

here is a great reference : !!!


redir said...

I came here from a search wondering what kind of acoustic guitar Barrett played. I'm thinking songs like Wined and Dined. Any idea?

Luis Calisaya said...
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Biff Byford said...

A little late, but Syd used a Harmony Sovereign acoustic guitar for Piper, which is now hanging on the wall in the Hard Rock Cafe located in Orlando.